Tuesday, June 24, 2014

‘You Didn’t Build That,’ Conservative Version

-Tom Woods
I did today’s show on my own, and addressed a recent conservative criticism of the idea of self-ownership. It’s worth reading the author’s follow-up remarks in the comments section at that link. He honestly believes that libertarianism views love, gift-giving, etc., as “irrational” and that we libertarians must therefore be”suspicious” of these things. After all, these things do not “maximize economic utility”!

Libertarianism is about the use of violence in society. It has nothing to do with gifts, love, voluntary human relationships, etc. So just because we don’t believe in initiating violence, we must be trying to “maximize economic utility,” extremely narrowly understood? Why do conservatives make this ridiculous leap?

An equally good question is how someone can critique a school of thought without knowing the first thing — and I mean the first thing — about it.