Monday, July 7, 2014

Beginning of Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Ukraine

-Daniel McAdams
I was interviewed on RT yesterday — our Independence Day in the US — about the situation in Ukraine, where I made the following point:
It is very ironic, today in the US we’re celebrating the 238th anniversary of our Independence Day where we broke away from an unelected tyrannical government far away. Yet, the same US government is now doing its very best to suppress the people in east Ukraine who want the very same thing – just the ability to secede from a government that they feel is oppressive and does not represent their views.
I also offered my gloomy prediction for the outcome of the talks between Kiev and the breakaway east. The problem, as I pointed out, is that the regime in Kiev feels the muscle of the US government behind them (along with US special forces and other “advisors” in-country) so they have very little incentive to seek a sustainable peace with the restive east.
Without US intervention in the situation, it is likely that a solution more equitable than the current ethnic cleansing would be worked out.

Watch the interview and/or read the transcript here.