Friday, July 18, 2014

Boehner Lawsuit: ‘Irony of All Ironies’

-Ron Paul
Hearings on Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit against the president are now being held in the House of Representatives. The issue is, can the president postpone for one year the Affordable Care Act mandates?

The House complains that Obama is excessively using executive authority at the expense of the legislative branch. Although I strongly agree that the president is definitely abusing his powers, I find the lawsuit misplaced. I see it as a distraction with no chance of much good coming from it. It’s hypocritical as well.

Congress, for many decades, has generously abdicated its responsibility and willingly transferred legislative authority to the executive. Republicans and Democrats promoted, acknowledged and sanctioned these transfers of power without complaint. Republicans are now claiming this suit is designed to protect the constitution and restrain the president from making his own laws. Oh, if it were only so.