Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CNBC: Ron Paul on Stocks Bubble, Impending Crash

-Voices of Liberty
In an interview with CNBC’s Alex Rosenberg, former Congressman Ron Paul discusses the stock market bubble and impending crash.

“Just think about how much money they have to create to create value in the stock market,” Paul told CNBC. “When it’s artificial, it’s distorted, it’s vulnerable and just looking for the correction. The one thing that we have to remember is that when you get false information from artificially low interest rates, that mistakes are made. They’re inevitable. You make mistakes even when you have market rates of interest. But when the market rate of interest is so low for everybody, there are a lot of mistakes. That’s why you have the bubbles and that’s why you have to go through the catastrophe we had in ’08 and ’09. And I think the conditions are every bit as bad as they were in ’08 and ’09.”

Do you agree that our monetary policy and economic maneuvering will lead to massive inflation?