Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Consequences of the Great War

-Charles Burris
The world-wide commemoration of the beginning of World War I one hundred years ago is an unparalleled opportunity for libertarians to demonstrate the folly of war, accentuate the danger of militarism, elucidate the specter of imperialism, and uncover the insanity of centralized economic planning. Actions have consequences. I strongly urge all LRC readers and contributors to make a forthright and conscious effort to share among colleagues, friends, and family the vast array of intellectual ammunition against the State as it pertains to how this wrenching conflict shaped the modern world in which we live in today. LRC has valiantly begun this de-mystification process with exceptional contributions from David Stockman (here and here) Ralph Raico (here and here) and Eric Margolis. To these heroic efforts I wish to add that of Doug Bandow.  Archival resources upon which LRC readers should draw includes voices such as Murray N. Rothbard (here, here, here, and here) as well as T. Hunt Tooley (here and here).