Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Foreign Policy Insanity: Obama Sends More Troops to Baghdad

-Ron Paul
So far there has been no mission accomplished in Iraq or Afghanistan. Iraq is in shambles. The Russians and the Iranians are trying to save the government that the U.S. put in place after overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

Russian military experts have arrived in Baghdad. This move has prompted the U.S. to speed up its military return to Iraq, and American pilots are now operating Apache attack helicopters in Baghdad.

Talk about a slippery slope. How about falling off a cliff into the quagmire of an ever-worsening civil war in Iraq? As we fight and confront the Russians over Ukraine, we end up of sorts on the same side as the Russians and the Iranians in confronting ISIS in Baghdad.

Expect one day for this insanity of our foreign policy to translate into a much greater war in the region. When that comes, look for a stock market crash, oil prices to skyrocket and gold prices to soar.

Our government claims we must pursue this course to protect U.S. interests; I say protect our interests by bringing all our troops home now.