Friday, July 11, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Free Immigration Is Forced Integration
Hans-Hermann Hoppe on “open borders.”

Suffering in the Service of Official Lies
Will Grigg on the agony of a 9-year-old epileptic.

Against the Imperial Greenback
Jack Douglas on the global revolt.

Defeating Oligarch-Paid ‘Libertarians’
Geurt Marco de Wit on Hoppe in Finland.

Contrarian Forecasts
Peter Schiff delivers his mid-year report, with a bullish outlook for precious metals.

The Empire Is Coming Down
Thanks to imperial arrogance, says Paul Craig Roberts.

The White Privilege Movement
Jan Mickelson on why Americans are queasy about it.

Mass Kidnapping, Torture, Theft, Murder
Or as the empire puts it, visiting peace, democracy, and freedom on the globe. Article by Rebecca Gordon.

The Cost/Benefit Analysis of a College Degree
In one chart.

Help Your Overworked Kidneys

5 cleansing drinks from Edward Group.

My Kids Are Learning To Work
They’ll be 10-15 years ahead of their peers in skills, experience, and finances, says Ryan Finlay.

Where Were These When I Needed Them?
9 natural and inexpensive ways to slow hair loss.