Friday, July 18, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Why All the Kid Immigrants?
Gary North has some questions for the regime as GOP strategy backfires.

The Anti-Dollar Alliance
The greenback is an extremely flawed currency; the world needs something else, says Jim Rogers.

The More Secrets the State Has
The fewer we do. Becky Akers on zero-sum privacy.

Needed; a New TWA 800 Investigation
But this time, tell the truth. Article by Jack Cashill.

Another Mass-Murdering Prez
Was RFK one of LBJ’s many victims? Article by Roger Stone.

Pay No Attention to ‘Trade Deficits’
The feds and friends are just making Neo-Mercantilist mischief. Article by Joe Salerno.

He Never Uses Google, Dropbox, or Skype
Edward Snowden on the Stasi State.

US Soldiers Killed Pat Tillman
Because he came to oppose the wars? Article by David Swanson.

Time To Cancel Your Cable Subscription?
Be prepared for a fight.

PC Nazis Hate Pro Wrestling
Because working-class men love it. Article by Nicholas Pell.

Etruscans in Montana?
Warren Dexter on ancient inscriptions and sculptures.

15 Constellations Every Man Should Know
Jeremy Anderberg on where to find them.