Friday, July 4, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Independence Day Edition

Revolution Is Not the Path to Liberty
Instead, as Gary North shows, we need to peacefully secede from the regime. Article by Robert Wenzel.

So Very Peculiar
The attitude of Christians towards the State. Article by Laurence Vance.

Why Americans Are Getting Poorer
Walter Williams on vicious government attacks on economic freedom.

The Militaristic Bunkum of July 4th
Repudiate it. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Catastrophic Drought in Las Vegas
Say, how about a market price for water?

Massive Inflation and Then Hyperiflation
John Williams of Shadowstats has never seen worse fundamentals for the dollar.

The Anarcho-Highway
Joshua Bennett on why we need to drive it.

Monetary Landmines
Corporate bonds will blow up the limos of Wall Street, says David Stockman.

The Power Elite Drive for a ‘Cashless Society’
To put a leash around our necks. Article by Alex Newman.

Celebrate War?
David Swanson on US mass murders.

The Anti-Dollar Alliance
The BRIC countries have had it.

28 Days to Overcome Heart Disease?

Dr. Joe Mercola on how a 41-year old man did it.