Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

CIA Terrorism Brought Home
The wartime Phoenix Program is the model for today’s USG. Article by Doug Valentine.

Missing George III?
Not quite, but King Obama is pretty bad. Article by Andrew Napolitano.

Who’s Buying American Stocks?
Gary North on the disgraceful, crony answer.

GOP Dirty Tricks Revealed
When promised bribes weren’t paid. Article by Paul Gottfried.

The State as a Jilted Romeo
The monster whines that we don’t love it enough. Article by Becky Akers.

Literature and Liberty
Jo Ann Cavallo on libertarian lit crit.

Government Frankensteins
Recreate pandemic WWI flu.

Call Girls and Watergate
A revisionist look at the Nixon scandals.

The Great American Deception

Chris Rossini on voting.

From the Big Bang to the Internet—to the Singularity?
George Smith on the amazing, sometimes frightening tech predictions of Ray Kurzweil.

15 Women of Ancient Rome
Power and intrigue behind the scenes.

The Heat Is On!
15 tips to save money and cool own with less A/C. Article by Daisy Luther.