Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

The State Spies on Innocents
Not “terrorists.” Article by Andrew Napolitano.

Cable News Agitprop
Dan Sanchez on why Russell Brand is right.

Rule by Experts
The ones with the guns at your head. Article by Bill Anderson.

False Flag Terror
It’s SOP for States around the world, as they admit.

First They Loot the Economy
Now banksters want control of “cyberwar.”

On the Way to Gestapo Land
John Whitehead on the sickening truth about the US police state.

Kneeling to the Gods of War
Chris Hedges attends the worship horror at Fenway Park.

Kill the Export-Import Bank

If we want a future for capitalism, says David Stockman.

Boys Won’t Read?

10 sure ways to reach reluctant readers. Article by Jeff Gunhus.

Eat More Watermelon!

5 ways this summer treat is good for you. Article by Paul Fassa.

Got Spiders?
How to identify 3 of the worst, and treat their bites.

What’s in Vaccines?
30 things to make you sick.