Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Democracy Is a Fraud
Andrew Napolitano on an evil trick by government.

A Confession
From Ron Paul.

The Market Is Headed for a Fall
This time is not different, says David Stockman.

Fighting Fires Without Socialism
Walter Block on the capitalist way.

CIA Dream Come True?
Jack Douglas on the downing of 2 Malaysian jetliners.

You Can Be Denied Access to Your Money Market Account
Tyler Durden on the latest evil edict from the SEC.

They Lied, Manipulated, and Carried Out a Major Fraud
Martin Armstrong on the latest bogus science from the Algoreans.

Trust a Good Driver Who’s ‘Drunk’
Over most people when they’re sober, says Eric Peters.

10 Controversial Air Crashes
With government fingerprints on them.

Rotting From Within
Charles Hugh Smith on our Ponzi economy.

The Food Stasi
Farmer forced to destroy 248 gallons of organic milk and 1,200 free-range eggs. Article by Daisy Luther.

Eat More Chocolate
7 reasons the dark organic kind is powerful health food. Article by Elizabeth Renter.