Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Caesar Obamus
Is he lawless or just incompetent? Article by Andrew Napolitano.

The Shaping of a Monster
Gary North on Woodrow Wilson.

‘It’s Strictly Business’
Will Grigg on the drug prohibition racket.

The Police State Wants More Than Your Papers
The Stasi will soon demand your fingerprints, DNA, and retina scan, says Eric Peters.

Republicans Love the Welfare State
Laurence Vance on the latest conservative scam.

Democracies Are Just as Vicious as Other Regimes
See, for example, the US and Israel, says Mike Rozeff.

Rushing the World Towards War
Jack Douglas on big lies of the US.

Are We Sitting on an Economic Volcano?
Doug Casey talks to Peter Schiff.

War on the Poor and Weak
Paul Craig Roberts on the moral failure of the West.

Got Shingles?
Natural treatment can help shorten the outbreak.

The 29 Safest Airlines
They’ve been fatality-free for 30 years. Article by Patrick Smith.

Anthrax, H5N1, Monkeypox
Why is the State so obsessed by, and careless with, deadly pathogens? Article by Dr. Joe Mercola.