Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Do Blacks Need Favors?
Or can they compete without them? Article by Walter Williams.

Awkward Questions for US-Ukraine
Russia asks them.

Eugenics and the Evil Margaret Sanger
Gary North on forced sterilization.

Why We’re Winning
Tom Woods keynotes the Mises University.

Guilt By Insinuation
Paul Craig Roberts on how US propaganda works.

The Extortion Parade
With the death penalty for not saluting. Article by Paul Huebl.

Don’t Be a Road Pest
Eric Peters on being a decent guy.

Gang of Thieves
John Whitehead on cops, courts, cronies, and Congress.

What Did Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
Robert Parry on what the media are hiding.

A Triple Threat to Your Health
Sarah Corriher on the toxicity of conventional laundry products.

US Military and CIA Intervention
In one shocking graphic.

What’s Your Perfect Nap?
Mike Barrett on fascinating facts about the science of sleep.