Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Massacre
Murray Rothbard on Israel and the Palestinians.

I Don’t Blame America
I blame the neocons, says Ron Paul.

The Man Who Killed JFK
Roger Stone on LBJ.

When the US Supports Israel
What exactly is it supporting? Article by Mike Rozeff.

He Who Makes the Laws
Never goes to jail for breaking them, says Martin Armstrong.

Is Putin Worse Than Stalin?
That mass-murdering beloved commie war pal of FDR’s. Article by Pat Buchanan.

Making the World Pay for US Banksterism
Peter Schiff on how long Yellen can get away with it.

Sales Tax-Free Weekend?
See what states participate and what’s included.

The Ultimate Guide to Home-Defense Handguns
Jim Grant on what to consider when choosing yours.

No Shelter, No Basement?
Amy Van Riper on tornado survival.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Just Got Scarier
They hunted in packs.

Are You Acidic or Alkaline?
Your body’s pH can make the difference between health and serious disease.