Monday, July 28, 2014

Non-Interventionsim Popularity Growth Shunned by Neocons

-Ron Paul
I heard a new explanation this weekend for why the polls are wrong that indicate the people are accepting the foreign policy of non-interventionism. We all know about the effort to discredit that position by declaring it’s isolationism, supporting our enemies and un-American.

The Wall Street Journal editorial report on Fox News discussed the issue of non-intervention, a position the panel strongly objected to. The host, Paul Gigot, made an effort to have a reasonable discussion on the issue. He challenged Dan Henninger, pointing out the polls are indicating the American people now are supporting staying out of all conflicts.

He indicated there is strong resistance to more wars, which seem to have no merit and have nothing to do with national security. Henninger had the neoconservatives come back to this challenge, simply the polls are wrong, because the American people actually support U.S. militarism overseas as a necessary sign of our strength. Henninger explained that the only reason for the hesitation in supporting the wars is that they just don’t trust Obama to fight the wars. Republican militarism would be fully supported, he argued.