Sunday, July 13, 2014

Revolt Against the American Empire: Prevent Tyranny from Replacing Tyranny

-Ron Paul
Jack Douglas writes on an encouraging article regarding the global revolt against the American empire.

He states, “Almost every day now there is at least one major new act of revolt against the U.S. global empire by a major nation.” The revolt, according to Douglas, and I agree, come for three specific reasons. Number one, U.S. monetary tyranny—the dollar reserve standard. Number two, U.S. economic tyranny—enforcing sanctions at will on those with whom we disagree. And three, U.S. snooping with secret police and military forces in over 140 countries around the world.

His prediction: the U.S. financial system and empire will implode and the victims of our policies will go free as the U.S. global empire ends. Though problems will result in an adjustment period, it will usher in an age of creative enterprise that will serve the interest of mankind.

What we must avoid is a new tyranny replacing the old. Our job is to prevent that from happening.