Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ron Paul makes news, again

-Brent Budowsky
For those who follow the latest moves of former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), the last week was interesting, as usual.

On June 10, Paul testified before the House Financial Services Committee in favor of his longstanding proposal for a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve Board. This is an important issue, and while reasonable people can disagree about whether and how to audit the Fed, Ron has done a real service raising this issue and inaugurating this debate.

This week he carried the torch again, noting that strong legislation to audit the Fed has the support of a majority of House members and urging House leaders not to water down the proposal.

Since I consider Ron Paul to be one of the most incisive and interesting thinkers on the national political stage — whether I agree or disagree with his various positions — I am always on the lookout for new Ron Paul initiatives. In the course of this, I came upon what appears to be a major new forthcoming Ron Paul move.