Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Event of the Year

Attend the Event of the Year, From Your Own Home

The Mises Institute's week-long Mises University program, an exciting introduction to the Austrian School of economics, and which I first attended as a student myself in 1993, is coming up next week. You can watch all the plenary sessions from your own home, for free, at this link. You can also, for a $20 donation, enroll in Virtual Mises U and get additional benefits. Click on the link, and we'll see you (well, not really) Sunday night, July 20!

Shows You May Have Missed

Here's what we've covered since the last issue of this Letter:

Richard Nixon: An Insider's Account
Pat Buchanan returns to the show to discuss The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority.

Secession, the South, and the Modern State
The Abbeville Institute's Donald Livingston, professor emeritus at Emory University, joins Tom to discuss secession and the southern tradition.

The Alleged Failure of Austerity, Plus the Ex-Im Bank
Veronique de Rugy joins Tom (1) to make the case for the Export-Import Bank, and (2) to discuss the controversy over "austerity."

The Simpsons and Economics
Tom talks to Prof. Joshua Hall, editor of Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics.

The Fed and the Taper
Bob Murphy joins Tom to discuss a recent Fed announcement, and the problems the Fed has created for itself since the financial crisis.

This week I also featured an interview I did with C-SPAN in 2012.

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My Free E-Book, Now in a Print Edition

A reader who prefers print books has (with my permission, though I earn no royalties) published my free e-book of Tom Woods Show interviews from 2013 in a print edition. He says it's formatted in a loose-leaf style. If you'd like a copy of the print version, it's available at this link. And remember: homeschoolers, be sure to check out

See you next time!