Thursday, August 7, 2014

CIA’s Fake Vaccination Clinic Ignites Polio Epidemic

-Ron Paul
Talk about unintended consequences. Here’s a bizarre one: Common Dreams reports how a CIA fake vaccination program has ignited a polio epidemic in Pakistan.

The Guardian, in 2011, revealed how the CIA ran a fake vaccination campaign pretending to protect the poor from Hepatitis B. The crazy scheme was to secretly gather DNA from the Bin Laden family in hopes that it would determine Bin Laden’s location, which it did not.

When the people heard of this, already angry and skeptical of polio immunization, they boycotted the program. Results are dramatic: 59 new cases of polio reported this year in Pakistan, and fear is growing that it has started to spread to other countries. I wonder if the CIA has ever messed around with the Ebola virus.