Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Government Internment Camps
Gary North on the military plan.

Grand Ambitions
They explain US anti-Russian hate, says Mike Rozeff.

Mission Creep by the Creeps
Ron Paul on 
Iraq and Missouri.

Lessons From Ferguson

Victor Ward on black people, white people, non-violence, cops, and crime.

Freedom Is Possible in the Modern World

Anarcho-capitalism, in fact.

My Stupid Earthling Carbon Units
Buy gold, the Mogambo Guru explains unsucessfully, not braces.

The US Is Destroying International Business
Martin Armstrong on the crisis in world capital flows.

Whaddya You Going To Do When They Come for You?
Fight the police state or be ruled by it, says Dan Sanchez.

Does the Wall Street Casino Seem Dangerous?
The floor is termite-infested. Article by David Stockman.

With Brutality and Viciousness
The military manual on taking you out during civil unrest.

Got Nightmares?

The 10 most common and what they might mean.

Ready for Civil Unrest and Martial Law?

When a town near you erupts. Article by Daisy Luther.