Friday, August 1, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Nixon’s Secrets
Roger Stone on the truth about the Bay of Pigs, the JFK killing, and Watergate.

Ayn Rand’s Monstrous Views on the Middle East
Murray Rothbard obliterates them.

Cartoons for Congressmen
Gary North teaches them about the Official Counterfeiter.

Why I’m Not a Zionist
Even through I’m Jewish. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.

CIA Post-9/11 Torture Ops
“Accidentally” leaked by the WH.

Terrorism and Gaza

Glenn Greenwald dissents.

High Taxes Cause Revolution
When the looting becomes unbearable. Article by Peter St. Onge.

The Real Science Is Suppressed
L.K. Samuels on global warming.

10 Longest Bridges in America

How many have you crossed?

A Murdered Doctor, a Secret Lab, and the Killing of JFK
Renée Peck on the true story of Doctor Mary’s Monkey.

Etiquette for Guys
Brett and Kate McKay on how to be an old-school gentleman.

Do You Want Stunningly White Teeth?
Here’s the secret.