Friday, August 29, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Middle-Aged Men Dancing
Gary North on Cagney and Hope.

Another Suspicious Car Crash
Russ Baker on whar happened to Louis Freeh, the man with the secrets.

Homicide Bombs Away!

The feds have gone stark raving mad, says David Stockman.

The Flash-Point for Civil War
Martin Armstrong on government cops against the people.

Is the Bible More Bloodthirsty Than the Koran?
The problem isn’t Islam, it’s pro-murderism in many religions.

The ‘There’s-No-Inflation’ Checklist
8 steps to agreeing with the propaganda.

Tank the Tank
After massive protest, city tells cops to get rid of their MRAP war machine.

How To Read Roman Numerals
Their empire may be gone, but their numbers live on, say Brett and Kate McKay.

Algorean Excuses for No Global Warming
39 and counting.

Your Color Is Important
The urine chart and what the shades mean for your health.

Will the Empire Succeed in Breaking Russia?

Clive Maund on war, geopolitics, and dollar domination.

How To Detox Aluminum
It’s linked to neurological damage such as Alzheimer’s, says Edward Group.