Monday, August 4, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Will Ebola Exterminate Us?
If nuclear war against Russia doesn’t. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

11 Progressive Commandments
Are you obeying them? Article by Bill Anderson.

He Put Trivial Things Online
Not a reason for socialist doctors to misdiagnose him. Article by Theodore Dalrymple.

Defend Liberty
“At every hazard, to the last extremity.”
 Article by Becky Akers.

Beware of Street Cops
View them as wild beasts liable to attack you at any moment. Article by Bob Wenzel.

The Downing of Malaysia Air

Time for an honest reexamination. Article by Sylvia Todorova and Russ Baker.

Revenue Collection—in Reverse?
Eric Peters on using certain motor vehicle statutes to your advantage.

Lies and War
Martin Armstrong on the history of phony excuses governments use to start the killing.

Can Gold Go to Infinity?
Keith Weiner on why Ron Paul is right.

Being in a Plane Crash
I survived the horror of United 232 in Sioux City, says Laurence Gonzalez.

Big Brother’s War
John Pilger on Orwell come true, and worse.

Are You Satisfied With the Way You Feel?
Dr. Joe Mercola on how a doctor cleaned-up his toxic life, naturally.