Monday, August 11, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Tired of WW2 Propaganda?
David Gordon on some truthful books.

40-Year Conspiracy of Silence
Gary North on Nixon.

Nuclear Christians
Laurence Vance on the radioactive religion of State mass murder.

Sinking the Dollar
Ron Paul on the anti-Russian sanctions.

The Rise of the State
And, more importantly, its decline.

A Failed Bush Coup?
Charles Burris on the attempted assassination of Reagan.

Expect To Die
If you resist the police, says union commisar. Article by Will Grigg.

Can the World Kick the Dollar to the Curb?
Martin Armstrong on currencies and empires of the past.

What Colleges Have the Smartest Kids?
The top 25.

You’re Probably Not Getting Enough
Jonny Bowden on the crucial nutrient we should take every day.

Learning From Tacitus and the Roman Empire
About battling the US equivalent. Article by Carl Herman.

Reviving the Hollywood Blacklist
Stars turned into pariahs for unfashionable political views.