Monday, August 18, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

I Was John Wayne’s Driver
Charles Glass on The Life and Legend of his hero.

Don’t Wait for the Doctors
Practice preventive medicine yourself, says Bill Sardi.

Pioneer of Prosecutorial Evil
Why is Janet Reno honored by the Innocence Project? Article by Bill Anderson.

As the US Starts WWIII
Shouldn’t Congress at least vote on it? Article by Pat Buchanan.

Out of Step With the World
Theodore Dalrymple had never heard of Robin Williams.

A Preview of the Coming War on Us
Ferguson demonstrates what the feds have planned and prepared, says Martin Armstrong.

Respect for Truth
Does it still exist in the West? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Remember the Boston Massacre?
Becky Akers sees parallels with Ferguson.

Grow a Lot of Food
Charles Hugh Smith eats like a king from his small, messy garden.

Where Does Your Fish Come From?
6 things to know about US seafood.

9 Mysterious Plane Crashes
But TWA 800 appears to have been solved, despite the USG cover-up.

Did an Out-of-State Cop Attack You With a ‘Speeding’ Ticket?
You must fight it.