Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Comrade Piketty Cut to Ribbons
Slice by slice. Article by Gary North.

Top 10 Best Read Articles
Did you miss any of these LRC winners?

You’re a Criminal Outlaw
To the police state. Article by John Whitehead.

Keep Your Bloody Paws Off
Ron Paul warns El Supremo.

Accurate American History
Ira Katz on Flashman.

The Devil Truman
He dropped atom bombs on women, children, and the old, though he knew Japan was trying to surrender.

Cash, Weapons, Spying
The U.S. is behind every Israeli attack, says Glenn Greenwald.

Wealth Redistribution
And other threats to commodity markets. Article by Marc Faber.

The Troops Aren’t Fighting for Our Freedom
But they could, says David Traub.

10 Skills for Urban Preppers
They’ll give you an advantage in a long emergency.

Disease Management or Natural Health?
Give your body the chance to heal itself, says Margaret Durst.

8 Signs of Ebola
Dr. Joe Alton on the deadly, incurable virus.