Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Jesse Ventura’s Ordeal
The trial and verdict—in his own words.

You’re the Wrong Race
Thomas Sowell on punishing smart Asian kids at NYC’s selective high schools.

Open Letter to Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos
About your struggle with crony, old-line publishers, from Arthur Krolman.

Horror Movie Nanny
Government pretends to care, only to loot and enslave you. Article by John Whitehead.

Pro-War and Hyper Pro-War
Networks preach 2 neocon views. Article by Jay Stephenson.

Bombing Iraq Back into the Stone Age
How 4 presidents and their military-industrial complex accomplished it.

A Small Price To Pay?
Mish Shedlock on lies the USG tells to trick us into war on anyone and everyone.

Love the Bomb…
A great clip. Perhaps McCain or Graham could be used in a remake.

Government Steals Elderly Woman’s Savings
When she tries to fly with her own cash.

The Knuckle-Duster
And 9 other inventive firearms in history.

8 Ways To Take Control of Your health
And how to find a physician of natural medicine. Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

How To Pick a Lock
With a couple of paperclips and a small wrench, you could be home free.