Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

Blacks Must Confront Reality
Blaming racial discrimination for everything doesn’t cut it, says Walter Williams.

The Hobnailed Boot of the Warfare State
It’s on your neck, says Ron Paul.

Yellen Translated

Gary North on a heaping platter of waffles, syrup, and bad news.

The US Self-Checkmate
Jack Douglas on 61 years of anti-Muslim warfare.

The Rise of the State
Through its attack on the transnational church.

Crash and Burn Ahead

Martin Armstrong on the central banksters’ Marxist festival.

A New Misery Index
Charles Hugh Smith on charting the actual economic decline.

War in the Hundred Acre Wood
David Swanson on A.A. Milne’s WWI revisionism.

Your Brain Will Thank You
Give it the nutrients it needs to boost memory and concentration, and banish the blues, says Edward Group.

Never Purchase a Disposable Razor Again

Save money with this DIY sharpening method, says Gaye Levy.

Heteronyms and Homonyms
Can you pass the test?

Toxic Vaccines Cause Autism
David Brownstein, MD, on the CDC coverup.