Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Politicians Are Psychopaths
But sometimes their victims show us how to live. Davydd Price on Mr. Hiroshi Mori.

Bomber Bill
Jim Bovard on Clinton’s body-snatching legacy.

The Mystery of Banking
Solved by Murray Rothbard. Article by BIll Haynes.

US Supports Giving Half of Europe to Russia
That was FDR and Stalin, of course.

The Bourgeois Century
It died in WWI. Article by Ryan McMaken.

Unwelcome Truths
About the American bombing of Nagasaki. Article by Gary Kohls, MD.

Wars, Rumors of Wars, and Markets
Politicians and central bankers will make things worse, says Jim Rogers.

America’s Collapsing Imperium
David Stockman on the military and monetary sides of a counterfeit coin.

The Fangs of the Fed
They’re draining your economic life blood. Article by Peter Schiff and Jim Nelson.

A Disaster for World Airlines
The sanctions fight the US started.

Go on Location

10 popular film settings you can visit in real life.

Funky Toenails?
12 facts about fungus and what to do about it.