Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

The Latest Neocon Lies for War
Pat Buchanan on “ISIS.”

17 Rules for a Son Headed into Danger
College, that is. Article by Chris Westley.

War Is the Great Destroyer of Currencies
The only protection we have is physical gold, says Richard Russell.

WW1: the Dawn of Decadence
Only massive decentralization can avert the consequences.

Reject Police Militarism
Will Grigg on how a small town chose freedom.

The Crony S&L Debacle
Dale Steinreich on the secret history.

Ferguson as America
There’s a problem brewing, and it’s extremely dangerous. Article by Martin Armstrong.

Don’t Get Blown Up
David Stockman on hidden financial timebombs.

Live the Old-Fashioned Way
Gaye Levy on simpler times, without “green” baloney.

Man Eaters
The top 10 worst.

11 Natural Ways
To ameliorate arthritis and other joint pain.

16 Awesome Bridges

A pictorial essay. (NB: Some bad language.)