Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Ignorant Conservatives
Paul Gottfried on lovers of WWI.

What Was It Like To Work in Ron Paul’s Congressional Office?
Lew Rockwell talks to Tom Woods.

The CIA Tried To Murder Nixon
Over Vietnam troop withdrawals and detente with the USSR, says Roger Stone.

Ron Paul and the Billionaire
They talk war, the Fed, real food, and the freedom movement.

OKC Bombing Takes Center Stage
In Jesse Trentadue’s suit against the secret police who murdered his brother.

Co-Conspirators of the Welfare State
Laurence Vance on the Republicans.

Don’t Send Your Kids to Public School
John Whitehead on incubators for fascism.

America’s Latest Frankenstein
John Peters on ISIS.

The Persecution of Christians
Mohammed banned it.

Has Germany Finally Had It?
With US domination and belligerence. Article by Roman Baudzus.

10 George Orwell Quotes
That predicted life in 2014 America.

Natural Salt
Dr. Joe Mercola on why it’s a goldmine.