Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Weekland Edtion

Empire of Death and Lies
They’re killing you for your own good. Article by Eric Margolis.

Pat Buchanan Remembers Richard Nixon
Lew Rockwell remembers Pat Nixon, in this podcast.

The Bad, the Ugly, and the Good
Karen Kwiatkowski takes heart amidst a government crime wave.

Tipping Points
For good, for once. Article by Ellen Finnigan.

If You’re Ever Charged With a Crime
Don’t be your own worst enemy, says Marc Victor.

The World Is on the Path to Global War
Thanks to the US empire. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.

Even in the Land of Snitches
Don't be a slave to fascist bureaucrats, says Scott Lazarowitz.

Arrogance Breeds Contempt
Peter Schiff on how US recklessness may spell death for the dollar.

The Real-Life Sherlock Holmes?

10 incredible stories about England’s #1 super-sleuth.

Atrazine: the Weed-Killer in Your Water

Fluoride isn’t the only toxin you have to worry about.

Carnivores Beware
A bite from this tick can bring on a nasty allergy to red meat.

Lower Your Salt Intake?
No!, says David Brownstein, MD.