Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ron Paul: Government exaggerating Ebola claims for profit

-Washington Times
Former Rep. Ron Paul said Thursday that he believes the government is “over-exaggerating” the Ebola outbreak, possibly to make a profit off of less effective, more expensive organic phosphate medicine.

“Governments deceive us, and sometimes they hype things. I don’t think we are going to see in the next year a horrendous breakout of Ebola in this country,” the former GOP presidential candidate said in a video of his website, Voices of Liberty.

Mr. Paul said there was never “absolute proof” that the chemical DDT, which was previously used to treat malaria, would be dangerous as a treatment to Ebola. However, instead of using DDT, doctors instead use “very expensive organic phosphates,” that he says kill patients.

“Could there be a possibility in this that making the organic phosphates, maybe there’s a profit in this?” he said. “Maybe that is the reason that we end up doing this.”
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