Monday, August 18, 2014

Ron Paul Week on My Show

My Last-Ever Time Hosting the Peter Schiff Show -- This Monday!

As I mentioned in my last Letter, Peter Schiff's weekday radio show, which broadcasts from 10:00am until noon Eastern, is coming to an end at the end of this month. It's been a privilege to be a regular fill-in host for Peter for three and a half years now. Peter intends to produce a weekly podcast, so stay tuned for news about that.

In the meantime, I hope you can tune in to catch me as host one last time on August 18 at We take calls at 855-4-SCHIFF, and I'd love to hear from you!

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Shows You May Have Missed

Here's what we've covered on the show since I last wrote to you:

What Is a Noninterventionist to Do?
Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity discusses ISIS, Iraq, airstrikes, and nonintervention.

Monetary Policy Matters
Paul-Martin Foss, Ron Paul's legislative assistant on monetary policy and executive director of the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking, talks about the Fed and his experiences in Ron's office. This episode is also on YouTube.

Challenge Yourself
Steve Bierfeldt, former executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa (during the Ron Paul years), talks about saving money, budgeting, and how to travel for next to nothing.

Ron Paul Answers Your Questions
Ron Paul returns to the program to discuss Iraq, medicine, the value (or otherwise) of political action, and more. This episode is also on YouTube. Check out his new venture, Voices of Liberty!

Ron Paul: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
Norm Singleton, Ron Paul's legislative director for 12 years, gives you the inside story.

If you haven't already, please subscribe to the Tom Woods Show on iTunes or Stitcher so you don't miss an episode. The show airs for the first time at noon ET every weekday at and then is available in our archive or via iTunes and other podcatchers. And thank you!

What Do You Think of This Idea?

I'm thinking of doing an occasional Q&A episode of my podcast, a bonus episode in which I answer reader/listener questions. Is this a good idea? If so, is there anything you'd like to ask me? If so, please use my Contact page.

Remember My Resource Pages?

Before I began devoting so much of my time to creating courses for the Ron Paul homeschool program, I used to make a lot more YouTube videos than I do now. I hope to get back to that sometime soon. But when I would make a video, I would often direct viewers to a resource page with further information on whatever subject I was discussing.

After a while, I began to get request after request for a central location for all these resource pages. I've put a lot of them at this link, so if you've been looking for them, that's where to go.

One last thing: I write these newsletters myself, so every time you open it and look at it instead of deleting it unopened, you warm my heart.

See you next time!