Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To Stop War, Set Money Free!

-Daniel McAdams
In his new book, Set Money Free, RPI contributing writer Chris Rossini has managed to explore the dark nexus between the United States’ dishonest monetary system and that system’s usefulness in financing the US military empire.

Chris asks the following questions:
  • What if government had the ability to finance any war that it wants?
  • What if Americans were forced to pay for wars, without having a financial check on the government’s aspirations?
  • What if government had the ability to finance anything it wants in addition to the wars?
  • What if such an unlimited power existed today?
The answer: It does! And it resides in The Federal Reserve.

As Ron Paul pointed out in his presidential campaigns and congressional career, Americans were born into a monetary system that they knew little about. The Fed was just there. No questions asked.

Today, thanks to Ron Paul’s efforts, millions around the world are questioning “central banking,” which is nothing more than central planning. Can freedom and central planning coexist? No! One must yield to the other at some point.