Tuesday, August 5, 2014

U.S. Holds Some Responsibility for Gaza Bloodshed

-Ron Paul
The crisis in Gaza continues. Some changes, but still some killing and bombing going on. Will the violence end? Netanyahu recently announced the withdrawal of some troops as part of a tactical shift. Is this just a response to the negative PR? We see a lot of pictures of children being killed, and reports of attacks on UN schools. That’s not good PR. Sometimes the public pressure is the only battle that is being fought. Constantly in the media, we hear that Israel has a right to defend myself. Netanyahu says “don’t ever second guess me again,” and doesn’t want a peace treaty pushed on Israel. While I agree that Israel has a right to defend herself, never once have I heard that the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves. They must feel oppressed. They can’t go anywhere. They can’t ship things in and out of the Mediterranean. They can’t go to Egypt. Nobody is talking about how the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves for being imprisoned in this area. I see demonstrations for Palestine and demonstrations for Israel. I want to stand up for the U.S. taxpayer. Why should the government be able to tax a Palestinian-American to build weapons for Israel? We have some responsibility for this. This is not a simple war. I’d like to not be a participant.