Thursday, August 28, 2014

War Propaganda: The Root of Evil

-Daniel McAdams
War propaganda is in many ways more dangerous than war. While (non-defensive) war may be pure evil, it is war propaganda that is the root of that evil. It is lubrication for the dogs of war seeking release. Offensive wars must count on propaganda to fertilize of the seed of fear, hatred, and evil sadly planted in us all.

If most Americans were not successfully made to believe that Saddam Hussein was an unhinged madman who not only had WMDs but was also responsible for 9/11, the US would not today, eleven years later, still be at war with Iraq. The same is true with all previous US wars of memory. Gaddafi was the most dangerous lunatic on earth, ditto Noriega. Imagine the warmongers’ Tweets about Arbenz or Mossadegh had that preferred weapon of the laptop brigades been invented by the 1950s.

If the public were not so susceptible to the sophisticated war Sirens bombarding them steadily from government and the media, we would not be witnessing demands for another war in the Middle East even among many who had opposed that last most unfortunate adventure. One beheading is a tragedy, a general war in which thousands or millions may die is, apparently, in the words of Stalin, a mere statistic.

The madness generated by the war-mentality was captured brilliantly today by one of the best observers of our modern and tragic scene. David Stockman points out the real madness — that of the warmongers and their propagandists — as he tells us of the US plan to bomb both ISIS in Syria AND the Assad government in Syria!