Monday, September 8, 2014

A Shocking Healthy Lunch Report from Illinois

-Ron Paul
Illinois’ second largest school district5384913459_f2bbbeb55c_z drops Michelle Obama’s menu after hummus is deemed too fatty.

Central dietary planning for the nation’s school children is fraught with unintended consequences, like the children refusing to eat Michelle Obama’s dietary mandates. School districts have been bribed with $1 million in federal lunch aid to implement her school lunch plans. But several districts are now canceling their participation in the program and giving up the $1 million.

Over one million students have refused to eat the government mandated healthy lunches. This has led to over $1 billion of food waste in the less than two years the program has been in place. It may have been a well-intended effort, but the first lady must never have heard that you can lead school children to a healthy lunch, but you can’t make them eat it.