Monday, September 29, 2014

Ignorance Is Not a Permissible Excuse, Obama

-Ron Paul
President Obama, on 60 Minutes, updated us on the problems and strategy for fighting ISIS. To simplify, he admits it’s chaos and a solution is not available to him. He states that if the Iraqis will fight maybe someday the US will be able to back off from our prolonged involvement in Iraq and, of course, now Syria.

The president admits that ISIS caught him by surprise. Nearly $100 billion a year on gathering intelligence, and no warnings of an event of this magnitude is incredible. Of course, if we were given no warning of the rising Islamic State by the CIA, why would we expect an accurate assessment of the intelligence reports now regarding the size and danger of the Islamic State?

Obama claims ISIS fighters are remnants of al Qaeda in Iraq after being diminished by US forces. Diminished by US forces is a farce. There was no al Qaeda in Iraq before our 2003 invasion. We created al Qaeda and our policy perpetuates the chaos.

The president admits he overrated Iraq security forces. Ignorance of human nature and the consequence of a foolish foreign policy should not be a permissible excuse for the mess now spreading throughout the Middle East.

Do you think the Obama administration was really that ignorant about ISIS?