Friday, September 5, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Ron Paul on 9/11
He’s courageous and obviously right.

If You Build Your Own House
Hundreds of tiny things can send you to jail. Article by Michael Fiebig.

Faith-Based Fascism
Gary North on turning churches into the State’s bagmen.

May I Sue the NY Times?
For libeling and defaming me. Article by Walter Block.

The Massacre of Genius
Dan Sanchez on some civilizational costs of WWI.

55 and Counting
William Blum on the governments the US has targeted for regime change since WW2.

Your Car
It isn’t, says Eric Peters.

The Insidious Power of Propaganda
Karel van Wolferen on the “free world.”

America’s Bootleggers
10 stories about the real heroes of Prohibition.

How Times Have Changed
What the well-dressed college man wore in 1948.

1000 Year-Old Hangover Cure
Found in the Caliph’s cookbook.

85% of Americans Have Them
Non-government parasites. Here are the 19 signs, and the natural remedies.