Friday, September 26, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Friday Edition

Why the Power Elite Loves Equality
It’s a weapon for total power. Article by Murray Rothbard.

Following Fools into War
Again and again. Article by Gerald Celente.

If Common Core Math Is the Problem
What is the solution? Article by Bill Sardi.

Crewless Cargo Ships 

Great news for everyone but unions and Somali pirates, says Gary North.

Insurance Giant Obeys the Hivemind
Dan Phillips, MD, on the firing of star Rob Schneider for his opposition to mandatory vaccinations.

Creative Destruction
Martin Armstrong on the decline of the German economy and the inevitable crash of Europe.

Fishy Global Warming
Dr. Tim Ball on Algorean salmon.

Supervolcanoes, Storms, Moving Mountains
10 fascinating facts about Earth’s geology and climate.

Top 50 Best Small Cities
 in America
According to Money magazine.

Life on the Edge of a Raging Forest Fire

Daisy Luther and her family are living through an horrific disaster.

The Frozen Trail to America
Norse Catholics have been here for 1,000 years, says Myron Paine.

Ebola Death Camps Coming
Round them up, lock them in; eventually they’ll die. Article by Lizzie Bennett.