Monday, September 22, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

European Serfs Are Getting Restless
Forget ISIS, says Eric Margolis.

Clamor of the Empty-Hearted
Theodore Dalrymple on political correctness.

More Corpses in the Middle East
Thanks to certain creepy figures. Article by Ron Paul.

Global Elites Are Terrified
And 4 other lessons from the Scottish referendum. Aricle by Ryan McMaken.

Chilling Lingo of Cops
When they think we’re not listening. Article by Will Grigg.

Why Russia and China Are Now ‘The Enemy’

Why War?
To enslave us, as in ancient days.

Closing the Tloxyproctyl Gap
And other new frontiers in leftism. Article by Fred Reed.

Scotland’s Independence Campaign Isn’t Over
7 reasons why there’s grounds for hope, and worry for the unionites.

Get Your Vehicle Prepared Now
There’s another polar vortex winter coming, says Daisy Luther.

Have You Seen Them?
10 of the worst sci-fi movies ever.

Want a Better Brain?
Ramp-up its function, and slow aging naturally, says Margaret Durst.