Monday, September 29, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Monday Edition

Presidents Serve at the Pleasure of the CIA
And other lessons learned from the murder of JFK.

Do We Need a National Museum of Kitsch?
It’s the aesthetic of our time, says Theodore Dalrymple.

The CIA/MSM Contra-Cocaine Cover-Up
Robert Parry on how the regime actually operates.

Advice to the Cops
Martin Armstrong on illegal search and seizure.

Foreign Aid Promotes Ebola
Dr. Jean Appel on the tragedy of Liberia.

Independence Vote Set
Fearful central government vows to block it.

You Were Born Free
A bundle of tremendous potential.

If You’re Bumped
6 steps to getting cash from the airlines.

What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

Liz Ryan on how to handle impolite interview questions.

Are You being Poisoned by Mercury?
From dental fillings to vaccines, it’s all too common, says Dr. David Brownstein.

Did Marco Polo Discover America?
2 centuries before Columbus.

Eat More Good Fat
20 bad signs that you may not be getting enough. Article by Margaret Durst.