Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Orwell’s ‘1984’ Is Coming True
Andrew Napolitano on an unhappy summer for liberty.

American Tax Victims Overseas
Andy Sirkis on those who dare to live outside the sacred boundaries of Taxlandia.

Concealed Homicide?
Jack Douglas on forensic mysteries of Robin Williams’s death.

Distracted, Diverted, Insulated
From the grim reality of the police state, says John Whitehead.

Poppy Bush’s First Victims?
Russ Baker on the crew members he left to die.

Are They Completely Batty?
Paul Craig Roberts on the US and its EU satellites.

The PC Mob
Writer Gavin McInnes on his mugging. NB: some bad language.

The Fiction of Fighting the Islamic State
Mohssen Massarrat on an entity created and financed by the US and Saudi Arabia.

10 Golden Rules
For semi-civilized air travel.

How Did She Predict the USA’s Fate 50 Years Ago?
Mike Maloney on the life and work of Ayn Rand.

If There’s Real Trouble
You need your own proven, long-distance communications system.

Translating the Oklahoma Runestone
Were the ancient visitors who created it from Iceland or Scotland? Article by Cyclone Covey.