Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Wage War on ISIS?
Another despicable scheme from the political class. Article by Andrew Napolitano.

Secret Crimes of the US Empire
The government gagged Sibel Edmonds, she broke free.

NSA Tracking Devices for the Upper Middle Class
Gary North on the Apple Watch and iPhone 6.

Only Tools and Fools Believe the US Government
At home or abroad, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Seeing Through the ISIS Script
Reichard White on the gaffes and glitches you're supposed to miss.

Freedom for Prisoners
Release all non-violent drug offenders immediately, say Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.

The Real Goal of the Islamic State?
To conquer Saudi Arabia, says Claude Salhani.

Mercenary Armies Promote War
In the US, and Russia, too, says Martin Armstrong.

I Needed a White Person for a Business Deal
Does that make me racist? Article by Victor Ward.

The Feds Are Ruining Your Car Engine
And shrinking your wallet in the process. Article by Eric Peters.

Superfast Cars Are Works of Art
Perfect marriages of form and function.

Food Allergies?
The solution is in your gut, says Dr. Joe Mercola.