Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Thursday Edition

Serial Killer-in-Chief
Andrew Napolitano on El Supremo.

I Don’t Carry a Gun on the Border
It’s a friendly, peaceful place, except for crazed government agents, says ex-agent David Hathaway.

The Ebola Tipping Point
Gary North on how we know.

Still Obstructing Justice
The CIA and the National Archives refuse to release records of JFK’s murder.

Organized Thuggery
Robert Ringer on pro-football and basketball.

No More Secrets!
Says the 9/11 Commission chairman.

Be Diversified, Own Some Gold
Marc Faber on how he’s minimizing losses for when the collapse hits.

Flirting With Armageddon
John Walsh on US schemes.

How the West Created ISIS
Thanks to the neocon plan for endless war. Article by Nafeez Ahmed.

My Barn Burned Down
What it taught me about the voluntary society.

Top 24 First-Class Airline Cabins
And what you get for your money.

The World’s Best Paper Airplanes
Jeremy Anderberg on how to make them.