Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

The Truth About the Cold War
David Gordon on seeing through the lies as the US starts another one.

Is Even Henry Kissinger Terrified?
About the US government blowing up the world.

Thank Goodness for Small Blessings
Obama has no Middle Eastern strategy, says Ron Paul.

Who Shot Down the Malaysian Jetliner?
Don’t believe the American Pravda, says Ron Unz.

Look Out Below
Peter Schiff on big trouble in the housing market.

Protesting in a Police State
Stefan Verstappen on what to wear and how to behave.

See these 3 Uncomfortable Truth charts.

The Saudis Are Desperate To Stop ISIS
But not to help Americans or Europeans, says Jack Douglas.

Are the US Power Elite Insane?
Are they actually targeting nuclear-armed Russia for regime change?

Who’s the Aggressor in Ukraine?

Hint: you can’t believe the NY Times. Article by Dave Lindorff.

Good News for Polar Bears
Bad news for Algore.

Where 10 Famous Cities Got Their Names
Amazing and fascinating.