Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Tuesday Edition

American Zombies
And the reptilian-brained, death-worshipping humanoids who run them. Article by Butler Shaffer.

God Bless the Scots
The frightened generations will learn from their betters, and freedom will come, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Hey, Diversity Worshippers
Walter Williams on meaningless statistical disparities.

The Great and Holy War?
Laurence Vance on what WWI did to religion.

You Haven’t Bought Your Gold and Silver Yet?
Bill Sardi on what to do.

Economic Patriotism?
Companies, like individuals, have the right to diminish their looting by the State. Article by Pat Buchanan.

Beware a Regime That Demands To Know Your Foreign Assets
It’s totalitarian. Article by Ira Katz.

Alibaba and the 40,000 Thieves
David Stockman on the Wall Street super-bubble.

Destroying the Dollar
One penny at a time. Article by Peter Schiff.

Fight a Moving Violation on Your Own
How to gather evidence and present a solid case to get it overturned.

Creepy School District Returns Grenade Launchers
But refuses to part with armored tank.

What Will You Do If the World Goes Silent?
Scott Kelley on emergency communication with CB, ham, MURS, and other radios.