Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lew Rockwell - Wednesday Edition

Things I Don’t Understand
Walter Williams has some un-PC questions.

10 Best-Read Articles
What your fellow LRC’ers liked in August 2014.

Wilson Lied Us into WWI
And other prevarications for American mass killing. Article by Pat Buchanan.

Criminal Prosecutor, Bad-Guy Judge
Will Grigg on an anti-marijuana star chamber.

The Worm at the Heart of the Apple
Robert Batemarco on fractional-reserve banking.

Can There Be a Half-Way Decent ‘Tax Policy’?
If we listen to Murray Rothbard, says Laurence Vance.

Libertarian Thought Is Winning
Jack Douglas explains why.

When Was the Last Time America Got It Right?
Taki wants to know.

The Latest Propaganda for Endless War
James Tracy on “ISIS.”

If the Yellowstone Super Volcano Erupts
What would it do to us?

The CDC Lies About Vaccines and Autism
The media suppress the truth, and children and parents suffer. Article by David Brownstein, MD.

Are You at Risk?
9 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Article by Edward Group.